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Cellulite is one of the biggest enemies of a woman. Having cellulite does not depend from whether the woman is fat or thin, but weight can aggravate the problem. Cellulite is found more often to the arms, haunch, thigh, knees, legs.


hormonal disorders, bad haematosis due to smoking, to sedentary work, malnutrition, stress.

the most innovative method for fighting cellulite is mesotherapy. The treatment consists in injecting locally substances for fat burning and improvement of the circulation with very thin needles. The therapy includes 6 to 10 weekly sessions according to the problem.

The results are visible even from the first sessions. We observe an improvement of the "orange skin" aspect and slimming of the suffering area.

It is proven that after the completion of the treatment a repeating session every 4 months helps to maintain the desirable result.

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